DesignArth ( Design अर्थ )

DesignArth is an innovative product design and development company that also transcends into delivering integrated product and brand experiences.

We at DesignArth, help businesses to become profitable by not only designing meaningful, marketable products but also by offering our expertise in business consulting, marketing strategy, packaging and engineering services.

We are a multidisciplinary group of engineers, design researchers, creative strategists, brand experts, product developers, business consultants, UX, UI designers, who combine our knowledge and passion to bring in real value to our clients and deliver superior solutions.

We have our base in India and presence worldwide, also our clients range from start-ups to large International corporations.

First in Market

Unique & Innovative

Superior Functionality


High Quality Standards

We're An Experienced Team Of Visionary Product Designers And Creators.
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To create the most compelling and revolutionary product designs and services company of the 21st Century.


Add value to every solution by offering meaningful, innovative and sustainable products/services and strive to enable success for our customers.


It’s the design
language that makes
the difference


aim high

Performance through world class industrial design, market driving innovation and implementation.


Our Team

"We provide talented people, the latest tools and a lean design process; working closely with you to transform your concept into a market ready product."

- Mayur Gaikwad


MBA in International Management- HfWU Germany
Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management,
MIT BEng (Honours) Mechanical- Northumbria University, United Kingdom.

We are Creatives | Designers | Inventors | Engineers | Chefs | Boxers | Dancers | Artists | Weirdos | Avengers | Thinkers | Explorers | Travelers | Believers | Achievers | We are DesignArth.

Also, we have an impressive roaster of vendors, KOL’s, Academic Institutes, sister companies and DesignArth is incomplete without their support.

"Together We Shine, Together We are Invincible"

As a product design agency, we’re always keen to investigate cutting-edge developments across the range of technologies. By examining these new possibilities, in both the physical and digital worlds, we can take advantage of innovations like advanced composites, nano materials and novel sustainable and recyclable substances, changing the way products are designed and manufactured. We also stay abreast of the implications emerging technologies have for patents and intellectual properties.